Either to learn new things or to get entertained, one reason that podcasts have been so popular is that they allow multi-tasking. We listen to them while commuting or driving to work, working out, or even doing housework. As professionals in the business continuity and resilience industry, we love to be updated with latest news and events and podcasts are an easy way to catch up on these.

Here is the list (in no particular ranking) of podcasts to follow in our industry.

The BCPcast

Location: United Kingdom
Launch date: April 2016
Average length: 24 minutes

Each episode showcases insights from various practitioners that were thoughtfully synthesized and linked to the theme of the discussion. Topics include diversity, good plan preparation and execution, protecting reputation, and supply chain management, among others. The podcast also interviewed personalities such as Vicki Gavin of The Economist, Fiona Davidge of Wellcome Trust, Mel Gosling of Merrycon, and our very own, PANTA RAY’s founder Gianna Detoni. The BCPcast is made by Databarracks and has already released 4 seasons with 6 to 8 episodes per season.

Here are the episodes in which you can hear what Gianna had to say:

8:00 mark

5:20 mark

9:00 mark

9:40 mark

Managing Uncertainty Podcast

Location: USA
Launch date: November 2016
Average length: 15 minutes

The Managing Uncertainty Podcast has been named as No. 2 Crisis Management Podcast in the world for 2022. It has released 154 episodes covering topics on global risk, crisis management, business continuity, and crisis communications. They aim to provide listeners with strategies, tactics, and resources around preparing for, responding to, and recovering from all sorts of disruptions and critical moments. It is created by Bryghtpath.

PreparedEx Crisis Management Podcast

Each episode contains 20 to 40 minutes of conversation with key professionals on crisis management, emergency management, business continuity, and security preparedness. From Boston Marathon bombing to active shooter incident, from bio-terrorism to COVID 19 pandemic, and career transition to training and development are few of the real-life stories shared on their platform. The PreparedEx Crisis Management Podcast is hosted by Rob Burton and has released their 101st episode this July 2022.

The Security Ledger

Location: USA
Launch date: February 2013 Average length: 30 minutes

Named as one of the world’s top information security podcasts, The Security Ledger presents in-depth interviews with leading minds in information security. Its episodes cover stories that explores the intersection of cyber security with business, commerce, politics, and everyday life, as well as trends in information security space. Recent episodes include power shifts from Russia to China in cyber context, cyber risks brought by medical robots, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, etc. It is hosted by Paul Roberts and has released its 239th episode last June 2022.

IT Tank

Location: Canada
Launch date: January 2022
Average length: 22 minutes

The IT Tank video podcast is produced and hosted by Rodrigo Araujo, the Global Business Solutions Architect of Degreed. His YouTube channel is mainly IT, cybersecurity, and other tech-related issues that aims to showcase insightful conversations with leaders in various fields. In addition, he also intends to guide young professionals with content covering tips in taking the lead in their careers, as well as providing short preview of different key job roles in the industry. He has interviewed Tim Winders, Information Services Vice-Chancellor at Purdue University Northwest, Wendy Cofran, Global Strategy Provider Senior Director at Salesforce, Margaret Millett, Head of Global Resilience at Uber, and our very own Gianna Detoni and Alberto Mattia, founder and CEO of PANTA RAY, respectively.

Check out Gianna’s and Alberto’s interviews here:

Business, Interrupted

Location: USA
Launch date: September 2021
Average length: 25 minutes

The Business, Interrupted podcast is produced by Castellan Solutions that aims to guide listeners towards self-reflection through actionable insights from industry’s best leaders. It provides in-depth conversations to equip the audience with confidence and knowledge in maintaining business as usual amidst any kind of disruption. Their episodes include 2 formats: “Leaders” and “Scenarios”, wherein they highlight conversations with industry experts about their career changing moments, and talk about real-life situations supplied with insights, lessons learned, and advice for real-world application. It is hosted by Brian Zawada, Castellan’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Cheyene Marling, Managing Director of BC Management. They have, so far, released 2 seasons with a total of 10 episodes.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Location: Canada
Launch date: July 2017
Average length: 52 minutes

The Preparing for the Unexpected podcast is created and hosted by Alex Fullick, founder and managing director of Stone Road Inc. It aims to increase knowledge and spread awareness of Business Contingency and Disaster Planning to reduce the impacts caused by disasters and unexpected life events. Its episodes tackle how people, organizations, as well as communities plan, prepare, test, communicate and respond to disruptive events. It has already published 473 episodes with recent topics such as supply chain continuity management, managing stakeholder communications during a cyber crisis, ransomware exercises, etc.

Prepare. Respond. Recover

Location: United States
Launch date: October 2020
Average length: 34 minutes

The Prepare. Respond. Recover. podcast is created by Stitch Radio, in partnership with the Natural Disaster and Emergency Management Expo. It highlights impactful stories and real-world learnings from top business continuity, emergency management, and security professionals. Invited guests talk about staying secure and resilient while ensuring public safety and maintaining operational continuity. It is hosted by Todd De Voe and the recent topics include mitigating stress with healthy living, saving lives through training, emergency management from the war zone, and keeping employees safe with technology, among others.

Crisis Talks

Location: Australia
Launch date: June 2019
Average length: 48 minutes

Crisis talks podcast is produced and delivered by Grant Chisnall, founder and CEO of Left of Boom. Dedicated to crisis leaders, this podcast shares stories of people who have found themselves in the middle of crises, worked under extreme pressure to sort out incidents that threatened their people, asset, and reputation. Grant has interviewed business, military, and political leaders who shared their experience in being resilient and leader during adversity. The podcast has released 36 episodes, which are usually published every two months.

The Crisis Cast

Location: United States
Launch date: March 2020
Average length: 25 minutes

Produced by EarSight Studios, The Crisis Cast is considered as the top 1 crisis management podcast based on traffic, social media followers, and domain authority. Each episode showcase conversations with industry experts on business leadership during crisis. The hosts, Lisa Druss and Thom Serrafin, renowned crisis communications experts, also share insights and reviews on the different crisis management scenarios. The podcast aims to provide context and resources for navigating uncharted waters. Recent episodes include 2-party system crisis in American politics, racial bias, sourcing truth, and reducing crime and advancing education, among others. So far, the podcast has released its 92nd episode.

Did we miss anything? Share with us the industry podcast(s) you love listening to and why you think they are valuable!

Author: Lucil Aguada

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