New BCI Horizon Scan 2021 out now


The Business Continuity Institute have published their annual Horizon Scan Report, which has surveyed over 360 professionals  and 20 sectors across the world on the upcoming challenges for organizations in the next twelve months.

The study looks at both the primary and secondary impacts of the ongoing pandemic, revealing a general lack of prepeardness that has intensified the effects of Covid-19 on operations. A particularly interesting albeit worrying trend is the worsening of mental health in the workplace as a result of the restrictions and uncertainty staff are experiencing. On the sligthly brighter side, at least organizations seem to engage more in long term risk analysis.

Possibly as a result of this newfound awareness towards risk scenarios, participants are more concerned with climate risks, which will likely be the main challenge to address once the world gets through Covid-19.

Overall a very interesting report, which mixes up quantitative data with qualitative findings, as the report includes 17 in-depth interviews. The very extensive analysis could perhaps benefit from a final “lessons learned” section, since the large amount of information might be hard to digest at first. Furthermore, given the speed at which change occurs at the moment, it might be interesting receive an update later in the year to see if any new trends have arisen. In conclusion, this is a must-read not just for resilience practitioners but for anyone willing to conduct business at this time and age.

You can download the report  on the BCI website, after a free registration.