Welcome to About Resilience!


It’s not about strength, it’s not about size, it’s not about power. It’s all about resilience!

When we started thinking about this website, this is the catch phrase that popped into our minds. And we then chose a little shrimp as a logo, since it is one of the oldest and most resilient animal species.

It took a while to create About Resilience, but we finally did it and we are excited to launch it. This is the starting point of a journey that we hope will be long and successful in influencing the global organizational resilience community with best practices, innovative approaches, and sound research.

The raison d’être for About Resilience is that this is the right time for the resilience industry to step up and broadcast its message to a growing audience, boosting professional practices, knowledge, and education on the subject. This sentiment might be shared by other fellow practitioners, who are as passionate as we are about the profession, and we invite them to join us in our mission to make the world more resilient. For these reasons, we will leverage our international network of thought leaders to share knowledge, while encouraging others to contribute for the growth of our industry.

This blog already gathers vast amounts of content we have produced over the years, which continues to grow every day. These include articles, webinars, case studies, and research reports to reflect about relevant issues, inspire possible solutions, share real-life experience, and enhance the resilience capabilities of people and organizations. However, we see this website as a platform for anyone wishing to bring their unique perspective on these topics. We will welcome external contributions on relevant topics pertaining organizational resilience. It is important the platform stays always inclusive and trustworthy. Free speech will always be inviolable here, as long as ideas are grounded in reason and facts. Misinformation is an issue every field must deal with today and our industry is no exception.

We welcome difference of opinions and challenging, healthy debates in our community, with the purpose of moving the community forward, as long as we are all respectful in purveying our ideas, thoughts, and facts.

So, whether you seek the latest information on international standards and best practices or you want to know about new trends and ideas in the industry, we hope you will see this website as your go-to option. If you are approaching these disciplines for the first time, not only we want you to get as much knowledge as we can offer, but we would also like you to feel comfortable to share your opinion or ask questions to solve your doubts. Should you need help or guidance with a specific matter – technical,  practical, ethical, or philosophical as it may be – we would like you to be able to find what you are looking for.

About Resilience might be born in the era of social distancing but its mission is to connect people and create personal and professional relationships that will go beyond this website. We hope you are positively impressed and impacted by this initiative and we look forward to see how we can help you overcome the challenges of the job.

Welcome to About Resilience!