The role of the Business Impact Analysis


The BIA is part of the business continuity management (BCM) lifecycle and its goal is to determine the prioritization of the critical processes and the continuity requirements of an organization. The ISO 22301 defines it as the ‘process of analyzing actitivites and the effect that a business disruption might have upon them’. The BIA is a very useful tool for
business continuity practitioners, as it helps them gain knowledge and insights
on how their organization works and how to face the impact of unpredicted events. International standards and experts agree on the importance of this practice, which
even has a dedicated technical specification (ISO TS 22317); however, it does remain an
under-researched topic.

Hence, this study looks into the role and impact of the BIA in the BCM lifecycle, through a series of interviews with a number of selected experts across geographical regions and sectors. The goal is to provide guidelines and tips on how to implement a BIA correctly within an organization, leveraging the expertise of the interviewees.

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